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Formed in March 2021, the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Association Inc (NSWALRA Inc) is a grassroots Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation with a mandate centered around upholding the purpose of the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983.


The NSWALRA Inc are driven by our solutions based approach to Black Politics & Aboriginal Affairs through rapid response, reactive and proactive campaigning. We are raised on the guts and determination of our trailblazers who led the way before us.

For far too long our Aboriginal Organisations are subject to funding requirements that limits progress in Aboriginal Affairs. NSWALRA Inc is an Independent Nor-For-Profit, Non-Government Organisation and financially functions solely through donations, membership fees and philanthropic funding.

Our philosophy is based on Self-Governance, having control over our affairs and ensuring our representatives and Peak Organisations are accountable to the very people they seek to represent. For that very reason we hold no affiliation with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council or Office of the Registrar of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, although we seek to act as a support service for LALCs providing tailored advice relating to understanding, interpretation, implementation and overall compliance of the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 and Regulations.

NSWALRA Inc envision a future where Aboriginal Housing Renters can transition into Home Owners by working alongside Aboriginal Housing stakeholders aligning their policies and procedures to the law and their members cultural patterns.


We are apolitical, in the sense that we believe all political parties have a role to improve the law and policies that directly impact the dispossessed Aboriginal People of NSW.

Our members are our mandate in which we are there to help elevate your voice. With each registered member paying a small annual fee means that we are not reliant upon grants to maintain our business structure but are financially supported by our own members.


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NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Association Inc

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Our Services

 Research, Strategy & Policy

NSWALRA Inc is founded upon the concept of improving the laws and policies that effect Aboriginal People in NSW. 

NSWALRA Inc is currently undergoing an independent research project is aimed at investigating the experience of Aboriginal Housing Tenants and Aboriginal Community Housing Providers across NSW.

Over the next 12 months from October 2021 - October 2022, NSWALRA Inc will be consulting with Aboriginal Housing Tenants and Local Aboriginal Land Councils and amplify their housing needs through legislative and policy reform. The findings will be submitted to each stakeholder within the Public Sector 

Please see below our recent submissions relating to public policy and legislative amendments.

Advocacy & Campaigning

NSWALRA provides effective tenancy advocacy, advice and support for Aboriginal People across NSW. We specialise in NCAT representation and conciliation proceedings between tenant and landlord. Our team are driven by building respectful relationships between all parties which is key to maintaining, sustaining and retaining Aboriginal Housing.

NSWALRA Inc engages grassroots community organising through effective campaign strategy. Head to our campaign page to- view and sign our petitions calling on a NSW Truth & Reparatory Justice Commission.

Public Relations Consultancy

NSWALRA Inc provides fee for service consultancy to public and private sector businesses with a shared vision of improving the outcomes for Aboriginal People in NSW. 

We consult with Local Aboriginal Land Councils ensuring further compliance with the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983. We conduct risk assessment and auditing of current LALC assets, governance and policies to further assist those LALCs identifying pathways to economic independence though the development of Community Benefits Schemes.

Additionally, NSWALRA Inc partners with private sector businesses which further empowers all parties to identify practical and sustainable solutions by working together to achieve our shared vision of a greater future.

Our Team



Clayton Simpson-Pitt
Ualaroi/Kamilaroi/Weilwan Murdi
Namoi-Barwon River

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Clayton is experienced Project Administrator with a demonstrated experience of working within the civil & design engineering industry involved in the administration and coordination of multi million dollar projects such as the Parramatta Light Rail (Stage 1), Sydney Gateway and Sydney Metro.

Clayton is skilled in fundraising, community engagement, policy analysis, public policy & a strong program and project management professional with a Associates Degree of Applied Social Science and Diploma of Aboriginal Knowledges from Charles Darwin University. 

Board of Directors

Profile Pic.jpg
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Director of

Research, Strategy & Policy


Kira-Lea Dargin

Kalari River
Willow Bend, Condobolin

  • Twitter
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  • Yurung Consultancy  

  • BA Business 

  • Diploma of Public Relations

  • Data Analyst 

  • AIATSIS Member

  • Business Development Strategy

  • Indigenous Community Engagement

  • Indigenous Training and Education 

  • Cultural safety frameworks

  • Fundraising - Philanthropic, Crowdfunding, Donations (Public & Private)


Director of

Housing & Community Development

  • Facebook
  • Stop Black Deaths In Custody Australia (NSW) 

  • Western NSW Delegate National Constitutional Convention (2017)

  • Events Coordination - Invasion Day Brisbane, Sydney, Commonwealth Games Gold Coast

  • Ambassador Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra and Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

  • Gwydir Catchment Advisory Committee, Western Sydney Watch Committee

  • Cultural Educator and Incursion Artists (Dancer), facilitator of former NSW Croc Festival

  • Cotton Chipper 

Director of

Criminal & Social Justice

Kieran Assheton.jpg

Kieran Stewart-Assheton

Shoalhaven River, Nowra
Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community

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Director of

Environmental Justice

Allira Wood (1).png

Allira Wood

La Perouse Aboriginal Community

  • Marketing & Administration Consultant within Financial and Civil Engineering Industry

Director of

Marketing & Administration

Gwenda Stanley

Mehi River
Stanley Village Top Camp, Moree

Clayton Simpson-Pitt

Namoi-Barwon River
Namoi Reserve, Walgett

  • Associates Degree Applied Social Science (CDU)

  • Diploma of Aboriginal Knowledges (CDU)

  • Western NSW Delegate National Constitutional Convention (2017)

  • Ambassador Aboriginal Tent Embassy

  • Quality Assurance, Compliance & Auditing

  • Researcher - NSW Aboriginal Family History & Genealogy

  • Business Development

  • New Policy Proposals

  • Roustabout

  • Grassroots Community Advocate

  • Researcher of Jervis Bay Water Quality 

Land Rights Ambassadors

Patricia Laurie

Ulgundahi Reserve
Maclean River

Cliff Foley

Clarence River


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